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[Note: When using "Rolling Snaps" all current frames will be overwritten - So be sure to save your current animation if needed.]

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Help Camimate

If you would like to help improve Camimate then please send your ideas and/or suggestions to [email protected]

You can also help by adding a basic link somewhere on your website, Tumblr or Blog page.


General Use

To capture an image from your webcam to one of the frames, simply click on the frame you'd like to capture to. If you need time to set a pose or perhaps you need to move further away from the webcam or have your hands free from the mouse, then you can set a time delay before the capture occurs by dragging the 'Capture Delay' slider-bar under your webcam preview window from zero seconds to as much as 60 seconds (for those contortionists).

Your animation will always run from the lowest frame (frame1) first to the highest frame last and repeat, however you can set the speed that your animation will run by adjusting the 'Frame Delay' slider-bar.

You can capture a single frame or capture images on all of the frames, but once you are happy with your animation then click the large 'Upload Animation' button and wait for your share page to be created.

Rolling Snaps

When using "Rolling Snaps" you will not need to click on the individual frames as you would generally. You will just need to click the "Start" button and optionally set a delay before each frame captures by dragging the "Capture Speed" slider-bar to the desired amount or leave it at the default.

About Camimate

Camimate is a free Camera Animation application for modern browsers which support HTML5 Canvas. This application is used to create a sprite sheet to simulate the functions of 'animated gif' files. Great for stop motion animations and you can still dynamically change the frame rate and loop count even after creating your animation.

Why Not GIF ?

There are two main reasons that Camimate does not create an animated GIF file.

1.] Once an animated gif file is created the dynamic properties become fixed. For example, you can no longer set the loop speed or the loop amount properties. Editing these properties is still possible when using Javascript and HTML5 Canvas.

2.] When creating an animated gif you are limited to 256 different colors so the quality of the animation can never be as high as the quality of a PNG sprite sheet (16.7 million possible colors).

Of course there are many reasons to use GIF file format, but when the goal is quality and dynamic control the best option is to utilize the abilities within HTML5 Canvas.

Why Not APNG ?

Although APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics) does take care of the color depth and quality issues that are inherent in GIF images, the issue of dynamic control over the looping of the animation is still present. Worse still APNG files are not widely supported in todays web-browsers. They are currently supported in Firefox and with that said, this may possibly be a future option.


To get the most out of Camimate it is recommended that you use the Chrome web browser as you will not need to enable WebRTC which you may need to do with Firefox. Camimate may also fail to work on any older versions of Internet Explorer (IE) due to lack of API support.


Adding An Animation To Tumblr

When you have uploaded your animation you will be given a share page with your animation on it. On the share page you will need to copy the code from the textbox and paste it into your new Tumblr post. Make sure you select a 'Text Post' and click on the <html> button in the editor HTML Editor.